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Sport Fishing Charters

Spring Drum Trips:

Black Drum from pups to 90 pounders start moving into the Delaware Bay from Late April and sometimes stick around to mid June. The peak opportunities for strong catches are around the full and new moons in May. This fishery has been a good one the last several years. So let’s try to keep it that way. Take only what you want, and release all others for another day.


So if you’re now thinking of trying to catch a big, trophy drumfish, soon is the time to go. Book The Hog Wild for the prime dates before they are gone.  


Day trips leave between 1pm and 3pm. Night trips leave at 9 pm.


6 Hours - $850/$190 Open Boat

8 Hours - $1000/$210 Open Boat

Night 8 Hours $1400/$280 Open Boat



Inshore/Offshore Trips:

As avid fishermen, landing a trophy Tuna or Marlin lurks into our dreams every spring and summer. Pelagics are the game fish that migrate in and out of our local waters every year…. Regularly caught are Yellowfin or Bluefin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Mako or Thresher Sharks, & Marlin of the White or Blue varieties. The New Jersey coast offers a wide variety of opportunity to hook top with these amazing fish. On the HOG WILD, Captain Tim has the decades of experience to give you every opportunity to get on the fish. 


Unlike other charters, the 55 foot Hog Wild is not only the fastest Charter Boat in the Cape but also the most luxurious. The long rides to and from the fishing grounds seem much shorter while watching DirecTV in air conditioned comfort from either her Salon or the beds in her VIP or Crew Staterooms. While waiting for the action, her mezzanine seating makes sure you and your crew are as comfortable as possible. 


So not only will you have one of the best NJ captains and crew at your disposal but also one of the best charter yachts on the South Jersey waters. 


While catching fish is our goal, you can rest assured the honesty of our captain and owner will be in your best interest…. If the fish are there, we will do our damnedest to catch them. If we believe that we are in-between schools or the fishing hasn’t been on-point we will let you know that as well…. Sometime’s offering to cancel the trip if we think you won’t be successful. 


10 Hour Shark - $2100/$420 Open Boat

12 Hour Inshore (out to 60 miles) - $2500/$500 Open Boat

15 Hour Canyon Trip - $3500/$700 Open Boat

24 Hour Overnight Canyon - $4500



Fall Striper Trips:

What a great fishery the Stripers have been in the past few years. Arguably the best table fare from our local waters, we will chase the stripers into November before the Hog Wild heads to the Bahamas and Keys for the winter. If the timing is right, The Hog Wild is the boat to be on…. Regardless fo the outside temps we keep her Salon a steady and warm 72*. 

6 Hour - $850/$180 Open Boat

8 Hour - $1050/$220 Open Boat