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Shark Experience

Shark Week EVERY Week in the WILDWOODS!

The beaches are safe but the BAY may not be! Join our crew for a fun filled 4 hours in the Delaware Bay learning all about the toothy critters that swim in our local waters.

Learn about the mysterious world of the SHARKS that swim in our waters!  Help the Crew of the Hog Wild tag and release these sharks as a part of NOAA's Apex Predator Research Program!


While we cannot absolutely guarantee a catch, almost all of our Shark Experiences put you and your family up close and personal with something big and with A LOT OF TEETH. You will learn about our local fisheries as well as all about the sharks that surround us and how they are an integral part of our local ecosystem. The photo opportunities on these trips are outrageous. 


This is the perfect family trip for adults and kids from 5 and up! 


4 Hours - $850

Leaves at 7am or 12noon

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